PORTFOLIO Motorized Roman Shades

Motorized roman shades, with roller shades having a classic valance and some turned headrail standard cord roman shades all being made of the same material solved 5 problems for this home. First Problem: Privacy needed at night. Second Problem: Hot UV rays during the day and the need for light filtering window shades as to not darken the rooms during the day. Third Problem: The sofa is in front of the windows restricting access to the roman shades so we used a simple battery operated motorized roman shade. Fourth problem: 3 sections of windows were too large for a single roman shade so we opted for a coordinating roller shade with classic valance to mimic the motorized roman shade look. Fifth problem: French doors restricted blinds having too large of a projection since the doors would not open otherwise. We found the perfect solution to be roman shades with a standard cordlock on a turned headrail which only projected 1”.



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